Get ready !

What's that?In the next couple of days , prepare to be shocked by a new FSPS product , that will surprise you 100% !

Prepare for something hard to believe ! But … you will believe :)


FSX and runway friction…

Hi dear FSPS friends,

today we have a test for you.

You just need a stop watch and FSX : Get into your favourite aircraft and accelerate down the runway , have the runway dry this time by selecting a nice weather setting, until – let’s say – 50KTS ground speed. Write down the time. Now change the weather to something wet to get the ruwnay contaminated with water. Accelerate again to the same speed the same way you did before. Notice the time.

You will surprisingly see that accelerating in a wet runway you will reach FASTER the predefined speed. How is that possible? Do the same for snow on the runway. EVEN faster?

There is an error in FSX or what?

Don’t worry FSPS is working on it ! Soon you will have something in your hands to short things out :)

FSX Booster 2013 !

“Boosting” in FSX was always a matter of getting more frames. But what about stability? What about smoothness in rendering? What about having the high quality textures at the same time? FSX Booster 2013 is here to close the gap: It analyses the hardware in depth, represents the outcome in bars, let the user choose his frame rate, let the user choose what he will see. No more “unlimited” frames with flickering graphics. Better frame rates, with smoothness in movement and texture rendering is the real answer in FSX Boosting!

Delivered with the latest hardware evolution also in mind, FSX Booster 2013 is here to cover all possibilities: The weakest PC with an outdated GPU, to the latest multi-core beast with SSDs and tones of GPU memory….

Dear FSPS friends…

We are proud to present you FSX Booster 2013. (Available through FSPS Store or the webstore of your choice) 


Working hard…


The team is working hard to release the Sim Physics X , P3D version. You can’t imagine how many differences FSX and Prepar3D has… That’s is good, however, as it shows that work is done on the new Sim and the time that we will have a new steady platform that will – finally – use all our PC resources for Simulating , is near…



…to our blog.

While FSPS has its official way of communicating , via the Official Support Forum , the standard newsletters, and the Official Webpage, we as the developer team, thought we would better had a dedicated way to put our thoughts on-line, for various subjects and not just FSPS related matters.

We will try to turn this to a “news-post” and a “think-tank” for all kind of Flight Simulation related subjects…

Stay tuned!